About Luck You



Our Service

◆ Check-In:16:00(We can take your luggage prior to check-in.) / Check-Out:11:00
◆ There is no curfew.
◆ Front Desk Hours: 7:00~23:00
◆ A request for our overseas guests: allow us to make a copy of your passport information when you check in.
◆ Food: We do not offer breakfast and dinner service.
◆ Parking: please use the nearby coin parking as we do not have a parking lot.
◆ Smoking Areas: Our entire inn is non-smoking. We ask that you please cooperate.
◆ If accompanied by the infant who do not need bed, please inform us in advance.
Children over 3 years old are counted as amount even if do not need bed. Maximum capacity is 3 person for deluxe & superior room, 2 person for standard & economy room.



Introduction of Our Machiya

◎The noren (entrance curtain)

Shikisai, a specialized dyer with an atelier on Kamanza Street, makes customized articles for many a Japanese setting, from sekitori floor cushions for successive yokozuna wrestlers to noren for Kabuki dressing rooms. The noren at this inn with a large Luck You is a work of great craftsmanship.





◎The lobby

The lobby has been designed by Mr. Tomonori Sakata, an architect well versed in Kyoto-style machiya. The Japanese painting on the wall that especially catches the eye is a masterpiece by the promising young artist Ms Haruki Yamaba. We also have free tea and coffee service, so please feel free to ask the staff.






The black pine bonsai plants with elegant branches have been grown with great care by the owner of “Kawai Kosoen.” They look different depending on the viewing angle. “Kawai Kosoen” is an old establishment, founded in 1877 (Meiji 10), and has a shop in Shijo-Omiya.





◎Inn clothing

Iwamoto Senni is a bedclothes manufacturer founded in 1948.  We have Samue (“Buddhist Work Clothing”) gowns made to order. They are made of double gauze, so it feels pleasant to put your arms through the sleeves. Many guests also purchase them as souvenirs.






We rent out “handy Japan” smartphones free of charge. You can also take them out of the inn. They are fully loaded with information about the sites in Kyoto. Because they have a tethering feature, you can use one instead of a pocket Wi-Fi.  Take one along as you go sightseeing.





The Japanese Painting Making Our Lobby Splendid

◎Painting by the up-and-coming artist Haruki Yamaba

The Japanese picture that occupies an entire wall in the lobby is by a young Japanese painter, Ms. Haruki Yamaba. The interaction between Japanese flowers and traditional Kyoto festivals is so full of pleasure that it will gladden the hearts of viewers. Do take a good look!
The thoughts that Ms Haruki Yamaba has put into the picture


Click here for a message from Ms Haruki.





The guest rooms are pure Japanese-style rooms. All the rooms are equipped with a baths and toilet. There are 3 rooms of 6.98 sq. meters on the second floor, 3 rooms of 9.18 sq. meters and 3 rooms of 6.98 sq. meters on the third floor, totaling 9. Because the futons will be spread by the staff, please let us know at check-in what time would be convenient for you.




Guest Room #1 Kobai

Capacity: 1, 2 persons




Guest Room #2 Yamabuki

Capacity: 1, 2 persons




Guest Room #3 Akane

Capacity: 1, 2 persons






Guest Room #4 Ai

Capacity: 1, 2 persons




Guest Room #5 Moegi

Capacity: 1, 2 persons




Guest Room #6 Shu

Capacity: 1~3 persons




Guest Room #7 Shion

Capacity: 1~3 persons




Guest Room #8 Aotake

Capacity: 1~3 persons




Guest Romm #9 Kuwazome

Capacity: 1, 2 persons