−Kyoto teas, coffee, and herb teas are provided free of charge−

You have access to the free-drink corner in our lobby open 24 hours. Our coffee comes from one of Kyoto’s famous coffee shops, “Ogawa Coffee”. The teas, which include Uji green tea and hoji-cha (roasted green tea) are supplied by our neighboring “Baika-an Tea Shop”, while the black tea, and various herb teas are ordered from “Kocha Specialty Kyoto Select Shop”

Other Amenities in the Facility

"You’ll also find a number of other amenities available at Kyomachiya Luck You Bukkoji Higashimachi specifically chosen to showcase the styles and techniques of a craftsmanship unique to Kyoto. Here, we’ll be introducing some of those amenities.

Luck You Bukkoji Higashimachi

The Design

Kyomachiya Luck You Bukkoji Higashimachi is modeled after the traditional Kyoto machiya. Inside of the compact, three-story, 9-room building, you’ll find many age-old novelties unique to the Kyomachiya like the “koshi-mado” (lattice windows), “the inuyarai”, and the “tsuridoko” (a lowered wall for displaying flowers and other ornaments). The bonsai at the entrance and the Shaolin dojo next door contribute to the fresh and unique ambiance.