"Stay overnight in a traditional Kyomachiya (Kyoto townhouse), wake up to the scenery of a Japanese garden, and experience what it’s like to live in Kyoto while taking a stroll through the city’s streets."

"Opened in 2016, Kyomachiya [Luck You] Horikawa Gojo is a newly built ryokan that reproduces the design of an old-fashioned Kyoto townhouse. Lattice windows, battari shogi (foldable benches which are kept retracted except for when being used to sit on), “inuyarai” (short-arched fences that create a partition between the building and the street while also protecting the walls from mud and dirt), and the “Shoki” (a statue placed on top of a building’s eaves to protect the home from disaster and harm) preserve the nostalgic allure of traditional Kyomachiya architecture while building everything anew allowed us to incorporate modern amenities. The intersection of Horikawa-dori Street and Gojo-dori Street is more of a suburban neighborhood where the local people live as opposed to a sightseeing hub. Taking strolls around the vicinity to visit the bathhouse, the small eateries, and the izakaya (Japanese pub) in the local area is a great way to experience life in Kyoto. The intersection of Horikawa-dori Street and Gojo-dori Street is a major road, which means you can get to most of the popular sightseeing destinations in the area from the bus station that’s within a 3-minute walk away. The location is a 13-minute walk from Shijo-Omiya Station, the starting station of the “Randen” train, and Hankyu Omiya Station, which connects to Umeda. Being a 13-minute walk from Gojo subway station and 15-minute walk from JR Tanbaguchi Station, the location is extremely convenient for sightseeing."


  • ・Ranked 2nd of the 2020 TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Best of the Best in Japan, marking our 2nd consecutive year
  • ・Recipient of the 2019 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, marking our 2nd consecutive year
  • ・Ranked Japan’s 2nd most popular ryokan among foreigners on TripAdvisor in 2020
  • ・Recipient the Booking.com Traveler’s Review Award in 20202, which marking our 6th consecutive year
  • ・Winner of the 2020 “Most Wanted Award (Gold Award)” from Hotels.com, marking our 3rd consecutive year

Luck You Horikawa Gojo


Kyomachiya Luck You Horikawa Gojo reproduces a Kyomachiya architectural design which was popular from the Taisho Era (1912-1926) into the early part of the Showa Era (1926-1989). An abundance of Kyomachiya furnishings immediately grab at your attention with their anachronistic novelty like the “koshi-mado” (lattice windows), “the inuyarai”, and the “hibukuro” (the hearth of a Japanese lantern). The Japanese garden found next to the bettei (annex) lobby was constructed in the likeness of a typical townhouse garden during the Meiji (1868-1912)/Taisho era.

Luck You Horikawa Gojo


Once you step past the “noren” and into the lobby and your room, you’ll find an interior design interspersed with traditional “Kyohanga” (Kyoto woodblock prints) and zabuton (sitting cushions) designed by “Rakuchu Takaokaya”, a zabuton manufacturer with a history spanning 90 years. The soft, warm lighting throughout the interior comes from lanterns built by “Miura Shomei”, a manufacturer that has been in the business for a little over 100 years. We put a great deal of care into designing the interior so our guests have an immediate way to interact with Kyoto culture. Air conditioning is also provided in every room to ensure the comfort of your stay. There’s also floor heating in every room and in the lobby on the first floor to keep the place warm even during the winter.

Luck You Horikawa Gojo


There are 11 rooms in total at Kyomachiya Luck You Horikawa Gojo. There are 6 rooms in the main building, and 5 additional rooms in the new bettei (annex) which was added in April of 2020. The main building and annex are part of the same structure, and are connected by a roofed corridor. Please check the link below for more details.


Kyomachiya Luck You Horikawa Gojo

590-16, Kakimoto-cho Kuromondori Gojoagaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 〒600-8357
Phone: 075-366-3211 Fax: 075-366-3212

● Take Bus#206 from the A3 bus stop located in front of the central exit of Kyoto Station and get off at “Omiya Gojo” Bus Stop. It will be a 2-minute walk.

● From Kyoto Station

  • ・Appx. 6 minutes by taxi
  • ・Appx. 10 minutes by bicycle
  • ・Appx. a 25 minute walk

● From JR Tanbaguchi Station

  • ・Appx. a 15 minute walk

● From Gojo (subway) Station

  • ・Appx. a 13 minute walk

● From Hankyu-Omiya Station or the Randen line at Shijo-Omiya Station

  • ・Appx. a 13 minute walk

● If taking a taxi, please show the map below to the driver.

● There is no parking lot. Please use the nearest available coin parking lot.