[Horikawa Gojo]

  • ・Ranked 2nd of the 2020 TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Best of the Best in Japan, marking our 2nd consecutive year
  • ・Recipient of the 2019 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, marking our 2nd consecutive year
  • ・Ranked Japan’s 2nd most popular ryokan among foreigners on TripAdvisor in 2020
  • ・Recipient the Traveler’s Review Award in 2020, which marking our 4th consecutive year
  • ・Winner of the 2020 “Most Wanted Award (Gold Award)” from, marking our 3rd consecutive year

[Bukkoji Higashimachi]

  • ・Ranked Japan’s 11th most popular ryokan among foreigners on TripAdvisor in 2020
  • ・Winner of the 2020 Traveler Review Awards in 2020, and a recipient of the award for two consecutive years

A Kyomachiya
“Luck You”

A Modern, Newly Build Reproduction of an Old-Fashioned Machiya (townhouse)
A Kyoto Machiya That Combines the New with the Old

The modern design includes up-to-date facilities to ensure our guests are as comfortable as can be while also retaining the quaint vestiges of Kyomachiya architecture. “Horikawa Gojo” is located in the shitamachi, or the lower city area, which has traditionally been a lively day-to-day hub for the common city folk. The area is full of local, historically-rich venues to visit. The “Bukkoji Higashimachi” location is conveniently located near many of Kyoto’s famous sites, ideal for guests who want a hub to facilitate their Kyoto exploration. We look forward to your visit, and hope that you find yourself in the comfort of a passing home while staying with us in the old capital of Kyoto.

“Luck You”
A Kyomachiya Ryokan

While Staying at Luck You

Experience “Life in Kyoto”

Luck You can be found at the heart of the Kyoto city scene, so you can catch glimpses of what it’s actually like to live in the storied city. “Luck You Horikawa Gojo” is also just across the street from “Gokouyu”, a famous public bath that’s loved by both locals and travelers alike. You can also pop by the neighboring “Maruki-sei Bakery”, a well-known bakery that’s a mainstay in the media’s “Kyoto Bakery Special Feature” coverage. “Luck You Bukkoji Higashimachi” is also neighbors with a Shaolin martial arts dojo (training facility). Another place to try visiting is “Nakajima-ya”, an Izakaya (Japanese pub) with an expansive menu selection. Being able to get a feel for the local Kyoto area by visiting these neighboring venues is one of the many perks of staying at Luck You.

Interspersed Touches of

“Kyoto’s Cultural Flair”

You’ll find a varied repertoire of Kyoto’s cultural history in the decor throughout the facilities, from custom-ordered “noren” (Japanese curtained) designed and dyed by a somemonoya (dye house) craftsman and bamboo vases designed by the famous bamboo craft shop, “Kohchosai”.

“Modern Comforts”

Nestled in a Framework of Traditional Architecture

While the building itself is newly built, the faithful reproduction of the Kyomachiya building includes storied features like the “battari shogi” (foldable benches which are kept retracted except when in use), the “inuyarai” (short-arched fences that create a partition between the building and the street while also protecting the walls from mud and dirt), and the “Shoki” (a statue placed right below a building’s eaves to protect the home from disaster and harm). At the same time, amenities such as air-conditioning and heating offer an optimal sense of comfort. We hope that you can enjoy the very best of these aesthetic and material comforts during your stay.

An Introduction to The Ryokan

There are two different ryokan that we manage at Luck You—“Horikawa Gojo” and “Bukkoji Higashimachi”.
Each location has its own unique attractions which you can find more details about in the link below.