−Making use of the space underneath the stairway is also a machiya custom.−

Kyomachiya were nicknamed “unagi no nedoko”, or “eel bedrooms” because of their narrow, elongated design. Finding a way to create a sense of space with smaller places is an age-old wisdom found in the design of the Kyomachiya. Using the area under the stairway for storage is one of those tricks, and designs like the “box staircase” and the “wardrobe staircase” are the products of these improvisations. We also use the area under the stairs for storage at .

Other Details in the Design

There are many other ways in which Kyomachiya Luck You Bukkoji Higashimachi carries on the traditions of Kyomachiya design. Here, we’ll be introducing some of those characteristics.

Luck You Bukkoji Higashimachi

The Amenities

The “noren” we had specially made for us by the custom-order somemonya (dye craft shop) specialist “Shikisa”. The first thing that jumps out upon stepping through the noren and into the lobby is the large, nihonga (Japanese painting) which covers the face of an entire wall. This drawing is the work of an up-coming-artist named Yamaba Haruki, and the cheery painting is a lavish depiction of Japan’s flowers and Kyoto’s various festivals. We put a great deal of care into designing the interior so our guests have an immediate way to interact with Kyoto culture. Air conditioning is also provided in every room to ensure the comfort of your stay.