−The “tokonoma” is a recessed space in Japanese rooms typically used to display seasonal flowers and kakejiku (tapestries).The “tsuridoko” is a simplified form of the the “tokonoma”. −

To be specific, the “tsuridoko” is a type of “tokonoma”. The tsuridoko refers to a wall that seems to hang down from the ceiling. Typical “tokonoma” are put in rooms used to host guests and involve raising a small section of the floor to display seasonal flowers and kakejiku. The tsuridoko has the same general use, but has the added advantage of being able to use the area underneath it for storage. At , we elected to build a tsuridoko to offer our guests a small, townhouse feel without sacrificing the decorative tradition.

Other Details in the Design

There are many other ways in which Kyomachiya Luck You Horikawa Gojo carries on the traditions of Kyomachiya design. Here, we’ll be introducing some of those characteristics.

A Message from

The Architect

−<Luck You> had our architectural designs done by Uchida Yasuhiro, an architect well-versed in Kyomachiya design.−

The faithful reproduction of the old Kyomachiya townhouse was made possible because of his expertise. Accordingly, we were able to realize our vision of combining an age-old tradition in craftsmanship with modern amenities. We hope you have a memorable experience immersed in the fine-tuned details of Mr. Uchida’s design.

Luck You Horikawa Gojo

The Amenities

Once you step past the “noren” and into the lobby and your room, you’ll find an interior design interspersed with traditional “Kyohanga” (Kyoto woodblock prints) and zabuton (sitting cushions) designed by “Rakuchu Takaokaya”, a zabuton manufacturer with a history spanning 90 years. The soft, warm lighting throughout the interior comes from lanterns built by “Miura Shomei”, a manufacturer that has been in the business for a little over 100 years. We put a great deal of care into designing the interior so our guests have an immediate way to interact with Kyoto culture. Air conditioning is also provided in every room to ensure the comfort of your stay. There’s also floor heating in every room and in the lobby on the first floor to keep the place warm even during the winter.