−A homely breakfast of “delicious delights” in the local region−

Breakfasts at consist of a simple, Japanese-style buffet. With options like tsukemono (pickled dishes) from the famous neighboring “Kawakatsu Sohonke”, daily dish breads and sweet breads from “Marukisei Bakery” (we get our bread from a different bakery on when they are closed), dashimaki tamago (rolled, pan fried eggs), and miso soup, the buffet is a selection of our favorite local flavors. Although toast is also available, it wouldn’t be Kyoto without the region’s trademark “Gomaigiri” (5-slices).

Other Amenities in the Facility

"You’ll also find a number of other amenities available at Kyomachiya Luck You Horikawa Gojo specifically chosen to showcase the styles and techniques of a craftsmanship unique to Kyoto. Here, we’ll be introducing some of those amenities.

A Message from

The Architect

−<Luck You> had our architectural designs done by Uchida Yasuhiro, an architect well-versed in Kyomachiya design.−

The faithful reproduction of the old Kyomachiya townhouse was made possible because of his expertise. Accordingly, we were able to realize our vision of combining an age-old tradition in craftsmanship with modern amenities. We hope you have a memorable experience immersed in the fine-tuned details of Mr. Uchida’s design.

Luck You Horikawa Gojo

The Design

Kyomachiya Luck You Horikawa Gojo reproduces a Kyomachiya architectural design which was popular from the Taisho Era (1912-1926) into the early part of the Showa Era (1926-1989). An abundance of Kyomachiya furnishings immediately grab at your attention with their anachronistic novelty like the “koshi-mado” (lattice windows), “the inuyarai”, and the “hibukuro” (the hearth of a Japanese lantern). The Japanese garden found next to the bettei (annex) lobby was constructed in the likeness of a typical townhouse garden during the Meiji (1868-1912)/Taisho era.