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Our service

◆ Check-In:16:00(We can take your luggage prior to check-in.) / Check-Out:11:00
◆ There is no curfew.
◆ Front Desk Hours: 7:00~23:00
◆ A request for our overseas guests: allow us to make a copy of your passport information when you check in.
◆ Food: breakfast service is included in your payment. We do not offer dinner service.
◆ Parking: please use the nearby coin parking as we do not have a parking lot.
◆ Smoking Areas: Our entire inn is non-smoking. We ask that you please cooperate.
◆ Rental Bicycle: You may rent a bicycle from us for 1000 yen per day. We only have a limited number, so please reserve one as soon as possible.
◆ If accompanied by the infant who do not need bed & breakfast , please inform us in advance.
Children over 3 years old are counted as amount even if do not need bed & breakfast.
Maximum capacity is 3 person for deluxe & superior room, 2 person for standard & economy room.


Introduction of our Machiya


◎Noren (“Entrance Curtain”)

The noren at Luck You was specially ordered from Shikisai, a famous dyer with an atelier on Kamanza Street.
It is a beautiful noren finished with skillful techniques used to bring to life many a Japanese scene, from the sekitori floor pillows of past yokozuna wrestlers to the noren of kabuki dressing-rooms.




How would you like to pass your leisure time gazing upon a charming garden in our comfortably open lobby?
Feel free to have a cup of tea or coffee. We also have an iMac available which you may use to look up things of interest.
We also hold workshops and events on our interior raised tatami space.



◎Miura Shomei (Craft Lighting Shop)

The lights in each room, and those illuminating the hallways, are from Miura Shomei, who have been making lights for over a hundred years in the Gion district. These Japanese lights, which skilfully make use of bamboo, cedar, and Japanese washi paper, softly and beautifully highlight our ajiro-tenjo (“woven-ceiling”) and foundation pillars, features unique to machiya, to create a relaxing space.



◎Welcome Utsuwa (“Serving Vessels” | haku)

Utsuwa Haku runs its atelier and shop just off of Horikawa-Gojo.
Takako Hirosue is a spirited ceramist who makes wonderful utsuwa that bring together the beauty of natural colors and shapes.
Guests at Luck You will be greeted with colorful “Mizu” tea-cups and beautiful crystalline “Kori” plates.



◎Toaster (Balmuda)

Using the power of steam and temperature regulation, our Balmuda toaster oven will perfectly toast the bread we offer at breakfast.
It works its power in toasting french bread, croissants, and sandwich buns.
The GreenFan (electric fan) in our lobby and AirEngine (air conditioner) are also made by Balmuda.



◎Kyoto Hanga (“Woodblock Prints”)

We have hung up Kyoto Hanga in our rooms and lobby.
Masao Ido’s “Sakura,” located in our first guest room, is a garden print that is striking for its use of fresh colors.
In guest rooms 2 through 7 and our lobby, we have arranged the works of master dyer and national treasure Toshijiro Inagaki, whose delicate hand has crafted scenes of Kyoto’s seasons and locales.



◎Zabuton (“Floor Pillows”), Cushions (Rakuchu Takaoka-ya)

The zabuton in our guest rooms and lobby, as well as the ball- and long-pillows on our tatami platform, are semi-custom ordered from Rakuchu Takaoka-ya, a maker of zabuton off of Horikawa-Gojo for 90 years. We asked that they be made in such a way that the color, size, and shape fit perfectly with the architecture and rooms of Luck You and help our guests relax.



◎Flower Vases

The flower vases that color our inn are from Kohchosai Kosuga.
All of their bamboo vases, cutlery, serving vessels, bags, and baskets have a subtle beauty to them.
We hope you enjoy the bamboo textures and seasonal flowers in our lobby and guest rooms.



◎Our Samue (“Buddhist Work Clothing”) Inn Gowns (Iwamoto Senni)

You will find that in our guest rooms we are offer comfortable, relaxing Japanese gowns in the samue-style.
The gowns are made from cool double-gauze. With the help of Iwamoto Senni, a manufacturer of bedclothes since 1948, we created a samue gown with an original Luck You design. Now you can take a leisurely stroll to the public bath in style with your samue gown, clogs, and bathing basket.



Design of Kyoto style Machiya


◎Layout by Yasuhiro Uchida, Master in Kyoto Machiya Design

The layout of Luck You is the product of Yasuhiro Uchida, an architect who has renovated many machiya buildings. He has created for us a “new machiya” inn that makes use of Kyoto machiya design and combines it with the comfort of brand new facilities. Please enjoy the intricate details of Master Uchida’s art with us here at Luck You.
Click here for a message from Master Uchida.




We we think of a “machiya” the first thing that comes to mind, I think, is a lattice, whether it be on the entrance or a window.
After the Onin War (1467~1477), it’s said that lattices began being installed as a means for self-defense.
The lattices found in Kyoto’s machiya differ according to one’s profession. For example, there are itoya-goshi (“yarn seller lattice”; for the textile industry) and sakaya-goshi (“wine merchant lattice”).



◎Age-Mise (“Raised Shop”)

They are commonly called battari-shogi (“thud-stools”), which has a humorous ring to it, because they are often lowered with a thud.
They are commonly called battari-shogi (“thud-stools”), which has a humorous ring to it, because they are often lowered with a thud.
They were once display-racks for selling goods, a function that can be traced back to the Muromachi



◎Inuyarai (“Dog-Fence”)

According to one theory, the name inuyarai comes from the notion that these fences were installed to prevent dogs and cats from urinating on one’s house.
However, inuyarai serve the function of separating one’s property from the street and protecting the house from dirt and rubbish.
The inuyarai at Luck You is made of bamboo, but recently there appear to be metal versions as well.



◎Fuki-Nuke (“Open Space”)

In machiya, the open space constructed above the kitchen is called the hibukuro.
The hibukuro allows for smoke and steam to escape when cooking and stops fires from spreading.
At Luck You, we have created an open space that imitates a hibukuro. We hope you enjoy the sensation of openness it gives.




A common difficulty found in long narrow machiya is that of capturing light. For that reason, many machiya owners install an inner garden.
An inner garden will guarantee circulation and freshen the interior of the inn. The Luck You garden was designed by world famous master Yotaro Ono (Chofukan Miniature Garden). You will feel a mysterious depth in this small space.。




Ceilings are a highlight of machiya. They come in different styles depending on the status and purpose of a given room.
At Luck You, aside from the saobuchi-tenjo (“batten-ceiling”) used in the hallway and parlor, we have employed a cedar-woven ceiling in the Sakura room (our first guest room), a reed ceiling in the Aoi room (our second guest room), and a clover ceiling in our shared washroom.



Booking(Lowest Price)

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There are a total of seven guest rooms at Luck You: we have 4 rooms at 9.18 sq meters and 3 rooms at 6.98 sq meters. All of our guest rooms are equipped with a bath and toilet.
The bath and toilet are separate in the Sakura room (our first guest room). We recommend this to those who would like to have a nice leisurely bath.
Because the staff will spread your futon for you, please let us know what time would be convenient for this when you check in.







Guest Room 1 Sakura

9.18 sq meters | Max capacity: 1~3 persons



Guest Room 2 Aoi

9.18 sq meters | Max capacity: 1~3 persons

 Guest Room 3 Momo

9.18 sq meters | Max capacity: 1~3 persons

Guest Room 4 Sumire

9.18 sq meters | Max capacity: 1~3 persons



Guest Room 5 Tsubaki

6.98 sq meters | Max capacity: 1 or 2 people



Guest Room 6 Tachibana

6.98 sq meters | Max capacity: 1 or 2 people

Guest Room 7 Yuzu

6.98 sq meters | Max capacity: 1 or 2 people




Booking(Lowest Price)

Lowest Price Guarantee! Official website exclusive(See detail About Lowest Price Guarantee!