Luck You Kyoto

590-16 Kuromondori Gojo-Agaru, Kakimoto-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, 600-8357
TEL 075-366-3211 FAX 075-366-3212


Right by the Omiya-Gojo bus stop on the municipal bus line. Roughly 6 minutes by taxi from Kyoto Station / 10 minutes by bicycle / 25 minutes by foot.
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Roughly 10 minutes by foot from the Tambaguchi JR station. | Roughly 13 minutes by foot from the Gojo subway station.
Roughly 7 minutes by taxi to Nijo Castle / 14 minutes by bicycle. | Roughly 12 minutes by taxi to Kiyomizu-dera / 20 minutes by bicycle.


Please use the nearby coin parking as we do not have a parking lot.
Neighborhood Coin Parking Map
The fee is displayed when you click a spot.


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